Apartment Living and Building Our Dream House

The Oropeza House

We started a new journey to build our dream house (well, that we can afford!) back in April of this year. The housing market was prime for sellers in early Summer so we took a leap and our house was sold within 24 hours! By the end of June we had finished packing our house of 6 years, a 1971 split-level in a quiet neighborhood of mostly older couples who had lived there since the homes were built.

We had updated the house room by room and turned it into our home: the place where we became a couple, got engaged, where we said goodbye to our sweet 12 year old dog Louie and the house that we brought our babies home to from the hospital. It was very bittersweet with so many lovely memories, however two kids later, it was time to find a home with more space and a more convenient layout. The laundry room was in the basement (very inconvenient), we didn’t have a dining room and it was not an open floor plan so entertaining was difficult at best. While I absolutely shed some tears at having to leave, we were excited that a young, newly engaged couple would be moving in and starting a family just as we had done.

By July 1st we were moved in and set for apartment living over the next six months. The completion date of the new house is currently set for the end of January. We love going to look at our new home which is just down the street from us and keeping up on it’s construction progress. The video above is the land before we started construction up until today!

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages of apartment living. Here are some that we’ve run into so far:


  1. Everything is super convenient! It’s like living in a small ranch house- everything is close by (laundry off of the kitchen!), easy to get to and no stairs!
  2. We are on the first floor, so taking the dogs out, unloading groceries, walking to the car…all a breeze!
  3. The floors themselves are awesome vinyl wood plank and very easy to clean up- our dogs are 13 and 14 years old right now and are known to have the occasional accident…oh and KIDS in general (amiright?!)
  4. The apartments are brand new, so nice granite counter tops and everything is clean, well it was before we moved in! HA!
  5. Our dishwasher leaked, our towel rack fell off and our closet door came unhinged and we didn’t have to fix any of it ourselves, a simple phone call and all was well!


  1. We have no room for storage- we have most of our house packed up in a storage unit (which is a whole other fun topic as everything I need is buried in the back) but there isn’t even a linen closet for our towels!
  2.  Little room for cooking- friends have suggested the Instant Pot so this is something I’m looking into- stay tuned for some crock pot recipes for sure!
  3. Dreading taking the dogs outside on a leash when it’s negative 2 degrees!!!
  4. Not a lot of natural light gets in, so feeling a little like a cave dweller lately!
  5. Our dishwasher leaked, our towel rack fell off and our closet door came unhinged…among other things- quality isn’t super great, but at least we aren’t paying for repairs!

I hope that you follow along on our journey! Expect some upcoming posts on living in small spaces, cooking in small spaces and of course home décor!






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