Apple Orchard Family Tradition

The first time I visited Nebraska City, NE I was 3 years old. Growing up it has been our tradition to visit every Fall and this has always been a family affair, with my grandparents, parents, younger brother and I, all visiting the town together. Each year they have an annual “AppleJack Festival” full of apple everything (pie, caramel apples, donuts, cider, etc.), a parade, car show and craft fair. Over the years, this has grown much larger and now includes a carnival, food court, educational activities and more. While that is always a great time, this year, we decided to take a more laid-back approach and visit after the festival took place. We looked forward to taking in the beauty of the orchard without the crowds and excitement and had a sweet, relaxing afternoon.

There are multiple orchards near Nebraska City, but one that we always visit is Kimmel Orchard. They have the best apple wine and after a quick wine tasting, we decided on a few bottles this year! The girls loved riding in (and pulling!) the cute little Radio Flyer wagons the orchard has and it was such a beautiful day! The orchard was gorgeous and full of monarch butterflies and bumblebees savoring the sweet apples fallen from the trees. The girls couldn’t resist chomping into the first apples they picked and while the mom in me was thinking, “let me wash that first!” I let them dig in anyway, knowing that they’ve put worse in their mouths before!

We plan to continue this Fall tradition and I can’t wait to take my girls here over the years and show them all of the same fun that I’ve had. Enjoy the photos from our apple-picking adventure! This coming weekend we are heading to the pumpkin patch which is another great tradition! What are some Fall traditions that you and your family love to do each year?


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