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Roslyn’s Alice in Onederland 1st Birthday Party

It’s hard to believe our little Roslyn, “Rozzie,” will be turning 2 in a little over 2 months! While I am busy planning her second birthday party, I wanted to take a moment and talk about her 1st birthday. I had wanted to do a party with an Alice in Wonderland theme for a long time, and since she was turning 1, it was the perfect opportunity to create a “ONEderland” for her! I’m not going to lie, this party took A LOT of planning, but I’m really happy with how it all turned out!

I bought her sweet little outfit on Etsy from “HandpickedHandmade.” The girl who made it and runs this shop is in HIGH SCHOOL and donates some of the proceeds to children’s neuroblastoma cancer research of which she is a survivor. WOW. I wasn’t aware of how amazing this outfit was until I received the dress with a little letter talking about her mission and where she planned on spending the proceeds from her creations. This made it so much more special and I felt so honored to have my baby girl wear something that was also helping a wonderful cause and other children!

The Onederland Cake Table

For her cake table, I used leftover fabric from previous parties, and made a 1st birthday poster for her via Pixel Perfection on Etsy. I printed this at Costco again because they did such a great job on Lana’s poster. This cake turned out AH-MAZ-ING. I purchased from a local shop, the The Cake Gallery and they blew my expectations out of the water! We of course had a small smash cake created too. Funny cake story for you- later that evening after the party, Lana and her 4 year old cousin (who had taken the leftover cake from the middle of the kitchen island) were discovered in the middle of the living room floor covered in purple frosting and eating cake by the handfuls- stinkers!!

In addition to the cake itself, I framed up some cute photos of Roz and some free printable quotes I found online. I bought over-sized playing cards on Amazon and then used a hole punch and some random ribbon I had laying around to tie them together. Party favors consisted of little candy “watches” (the watch face is flipped over in the photo-oops!) and some “Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles Candy.” I also had little playing cards made up with Roslyn’s photos on Shutterfly for free with a promotion they had going (they have these often, be on the lookout!). I scattered these on the tables for anyone to take as well!

The Onederland Party Table

Amazon was my BFF for this Onederland party (as it is everyday!), I found so many cute, inexpensive decorations on there that really added to the event. I wanted a big, long table for our “tea party” just like in the book. I put a few folding tables together and voilà! I bought paper plates that looked just like china and adorable cupcake stands on- you guessed it- Amazon and they looked really great!

I visited a few thrift stores around town and found sweet little mismatched tea cups and teapots that I sprinkled into the party and cake tables. I didn’t want to worry about anyone breaking anything that I actually cared about, so this was an inexpensive and fun alternative!

Roslyn's Alice in Onederland 1st Birthday Party

Roslyn's Alice in Onederland 1st Birthday Party

The Onederland Food Table

Since this was a “Tea Party,” of course we needed tea, so we had all of the tea fixins’. We dined on “Cucumber TEA Sandwiches,” “Off With Their Heads! Fruit Skewers,” “Down the Rabbit Hole Spirals” (tortilla rollups) and finally “WHOOOO Are YOU? Mushrooms” (made from string cheese and grape tomatoes!).

Roslyn's Alice in Onederland 1st Birthday Party Food

Roslyn's Alice in Onederland 1st Birthday Party Food

Roslyn's Alice in Onederland 1st Birthday Party Tea

Onederland Entertainment

Some of my favorite things about the party were the book that I had all of the guests sign for Roz- I know that she will treasure this someday! The kids played “Pin the Grin on the Cat” and I also had a photobooth for guests to enjoy with lots of photo props!

Let Them Eat Cake!

I encouraged all of our Onederland guests to wear “crazy” hats à la the”Madhatter” and it was such a cute and fun way  to get our friends and family involved in the party! Roslyn loved her cake although she was quite dainty about eating it at first haha! I hope this gives you some great party ideas- many of these can be incorporated into your own theme! If you are interested in more party ideas or 1st birthday ideas, you can read about Lana’s 1st birthday here!



Roslyn's Alice in Onederland 1st Birthday Party Smash Cake



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